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Time to say farewell to Buenos Aires

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Its my last day in this fabulous city and so what have I learnt?

1. that you can't get across Avenida De 9 Julio in one go even if you sprint so you may as well walk and stop in the middle

2. That a tarjeta is a card and a boleta is a ticket. I was confusing the ticket staff in the subway for the first week.

3. That tango is only learnt by a small percentage of Argentinians but those who do learn are as passionate about it as anyone else across the world who learns.

4. Not to pack too much stuff! I've posted back home my walking trousers and long sleeved dress. Not required and the rucksack was going to burst.

5. You need your passport to post an international parcel.

6. Your bank card won't work in all the ATMs and may not open the doors of the bank for the secure ATM machines

7. Don't step on paths that have wet seeweed on them.

8. Argentine mosquitoes have developed resistance to DEET.

9. It's ok to stay as long as you like in a coffee shop to use the WiFi and only order one coffee.

10. Don't assume all the roads in Buenos Aires are going to be interesting to walk along! The main road that runs past the port is just one tanker storage area after another and requires a taxi to get you back to the nice bit!

And finally that Argentinians although they may seem aloof and unapproachable are actually warm and tactile, always have a big hug to give and comfortably and openly express their affection to one another. A country where the men kiss and stand with their arms around each other is a good thing! And the dad nibbling his baby's ear on the ferry back from Uruguay brought tears to my eyes...us Brits are way too reserved!

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I spent a lovely sunny day in Colonia, Uruguay. Its just an hour long boat ride from Buenos Aires and well worth a visit for a complete contrast to the hustle bustle of the city.

Colonial is full of old buildings colourful painted houses and quaint cottages as well as being a beautiful port.

It's easy to while away the hours strolling around, stopping for a coffee or buying some of the local hand produced wares.

All in all a gorgeous day!

I even started translating my Argentinian book from Spanish to English over a little glass of wine. So chilled... The wine and me!

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I am loving Buenos Aires...

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One and a half weeks in, and Buenos Aires has provided me with exactly what I planned. I have developed basic Spanish conversational skills from the excellent classes at the college. had some personal tuition in Tango, perfecting my posture , my following the lead
and a couple of lessons in boleos!... Which still need more practice but I am getting there...

The city is vibrant and lively. It is made up of lots of different styles, Palermo is the slightly upmarket Hippychic area, San Telmo is the boho artisan area, and of course La Boca which is the souvenir shop area with tango being used as the main souvenir from Buenos Aires.

Alongside the train and bus stations, and the port for getting to Uruguay, there's Puerto Madero which is a modern eatery area which reminds me a lot of the quay in Portsmouth!

I am here one more week and have Sunday to Wednesday in the theatre area where I hope to go to a production at the Teatro Colon... The building from the outside is pretty grand and majestic so I can't wait to see inside!

So far Buenos Aires has provided all I wanted from the starting point of my five month journey, lots of dancing and conversation practice, but it also has a charm of its own which has surprised me. Buenos Aires may be similar to European cities but it also has a uniqueness, probably the South American vibrancy thrown in as well.

So I love this city and I will happily return again and again, as its already feeling like home...

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Day 2

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I am staying with a family in Buenos Aires and the hostess although fallng over herself to provide lots of help with everything, can't speak English. She is finding it very frustrating that I cant understand but luckily I have found a solution

The translator app on my phone. Now shes typing into the phone and I can see what shes saying and the comforting thing is - i have been more or less understanding what she's been saying. So all ok and I even negotiated bread and dulce leche for breakfast tomorrow!

The school is great and is like being in "Fame" especially the tango class! Im loving being a college student in Buenos Aires!!

The weathers not great so I havent taken many photos yet as Im waiting for the sun to come out.

Hasta luega!

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2 days to go!

How will I get it all in the rucksack???

semi-overcast 9 °C

Oh blimey how stressful is it trying to pack everything? I have borrowed a 65l Macpac from my daughter and it is a really good rucksack, but I just keep finding new things I want to include.

So the 2" grey high heel shoes had to come out - they are too bulky and were only for dancing tango in anyway. Luckily I can get some proper dance shoes in my daypack so will have to carry them around with me - oh dear!

And then the fleece I had stuffed in the bottom with the sleeping bag - I'll wear it instead even if I'm hot!

So that helped a bit as well as removal of one bikini, one t-shirt and one cream jumper.

A bit sad as I want to wear a variety of things seeing as I'm gone for 5 months - but I need to be practical.

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